Monday, March 15, 2010

Write Your Rep NOW for Health Care Reform

Final March for Health Reform: Write a Letter to Congres Click on this link, only takes a few minutes

With everything on the line and so little time left, we have to bring our voice to Congress through every possible channel. So today, OFA supporters are taking the next step in the Final March for Reform: Writing to Congress.

If I could have afforded health care while I was working I wouldn't be as Sick as I am now.


Anonymous said...

I am sick and I like it.It is dealing with them normals that tells me being sick like I am is bettr for me to be sick and I do not want to be like them so my sickness makes me different in a positve way I believe and I know bullshit when it is flung in my face.
Ok dealing with those with mental illness lets me see that they are more spiritual than those who clam they do not have a mental illness

Anonymous said...

I do believe that health care needs to be reformed but I am thinking that this bill is not the best that can be done for the American people.
I do not know if you beleieve but I cast Runes and I am beinf told this bill will not passed.
I am feeling that Mr. Obama has lead us down the garden path as so many politicians have done in the passed."I am gonna close Go Itmo" That did not take place but I saw that this was a ploy to get votes."I will get the Olympics for Chi town." that did not happen
America's standing in the world has fallen way off since this president has taken office.The U>S. is barely hanging on to it's tripple "A" credit rating.
The way he has talks about America he believes America is the evil intity in this world
Hey if this dose o not go I will be back on there to say I told you so and if it passes I will be back on ti appologize