Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I feel like I am being put in a box. I feel mildly depressed. I feel very stigmatized as I imagine most of my consumer/ex-patient/survivor friends feel. Words during times like this almost fail me. Why? Because I am a Mental Health, ECT Survivor. I have always been non-violent (except when I served in the army and went to war.) With my background as a childhood abuse survivor I fit the profile of 

these killers, a loner, withdrawn, social misfit (yes that was me.) I however did not take my anger outward, but kept it inside as most of us do that are dealing with those feelings. I have always used my anger in constructive ways. From helping to start Local 1397 Steelworkers food bank, being a founding board member/ past president of the PMHCA, starting Wellspring Drop-in and the Rainbow Kitchen. As well as serving on many local, County and State boards where I spent a lot of time working on Mental Health laws. Because of the talk I see in the media about what can be done about preventing more murders I have become fearful that all the work and changes that C/S/X have brought about in the MH system are all for naught. I am fearful that more people will become over medicated and more people with get ECT. Most of all I fear the loss of the rights we fought for. Today on the Dr. Oz show I heard a shrink say that patients have too many rights and Drs have very little power. That about says it all. Now is the time to take a stand, we can no longer be silent, we have many voices. Lets use them before we lose everything we have fought for!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Posted this on Facebook and Google +

Once Again (cause I keep seeing this Mental Health BS on Twitter, FB, and the media) Mental Health isn't the Issue, GUN CONTROL is!!!
Because of my Mental Health Background (Clinical Depression and other diagnoses) I can not legally own a gun but I bet anyone I could get one if I wanted one (I don't). IMHOP The real problem is these Psych Meds, many of these killers were either on or withdrawing from meds. When I see all this garbage being written about or shown on TV, it makes me fearful. I fear for the Consumers, Ex-Patients and Survivors because the 99% of us Are NON-VIOLENT. Think about it