Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yes I Hate Bigotry, Racism and Brainwashing!

Wow you have a deep seated hate for fox news.This hatred may be a detrament to you. Fox is the most watch news programw on cable. Why let these fools upset you so .How dose what they say and do stop you from loving the creator and being of sevice to youe fellow man - anonymous

As the old saying goes; If 6000 people jumped off a bridge would you follow? Don't follow leaders, watch the parking meters, you don't have to be a weatherman to know which way the wind blows - Bob Dylan said that. Anger is a Gift - 1st heard that from RATM. The only thing that upsets me readers are that people can't think for themselves anymore. I'm done with service to my fellow man, time for me now - Thats advice from a friend when I retired. My advice to you - Get a damm spell checker. As for your creator, I love both mine and thats between me, Her and Him.
As John Lennon once said All I Want is the TRUTH! is a nonpartisan effort focused on holding Glenn Beck accountable for preying on racial anxieties, employing vitriolic rhetoric and disseminating distortions. Our purpose is to urge sponsors to stop supporting Glenn Beck’s brand of hate with advertising dollars.

StopBeck began on July 2, 2009. It was and remains primarily a Twitter effort. From - @stopBeck

So far Beck has lost 120 Advertisers

Nonsensical tirades that prey on racial anxieties, like the one Glenn Beck delivered on March 9 about the census underscore part of the reason why 119 advertisers fled his show and why the broadcast of his show in the UK has been without any advertisers for over a month now.

Glenn Beck urged people not to fill out the race question on the Census because it’s an attempt to increase modern day slavery (emphasis added):

He also trashed Woody Guthrie as well as his song This is Your Land.

From News Hounds

Beck Smears 11Year Old For Speaking Out For Health Care Reform

Reported by Ellen - Wed 2:35 PM

As Media Matters noted, Glenn Beck was just one of several right-wingers who attacked 11 year-old Marcelas Owens and his family after he spoke at a press conference with Senate Democrats in support of health care reform. But unlike Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin or NewsBusters, Beck works for a news operation that could have investigated the inflammatory “questions” Beck raised about Owens’ mother’s death after losing her health insurance. But even if Owens had been a complete fraud (and Beck never offered any real evidence that anything Owens said had been untrue), it says a lot more about Beck and Co. that they would seize upon attacking a child and the family of a dead woman rather then focusing on advocating against health care reform on the merits. So who’s really exploiting whom?

Fox Nation Discussion Advocates Armed Revolution. Is That Not Treason?

Fox Nation, the website that boasts about its goal of "strengthening our diverse society by striving for unity," has nevertheless allowed in its moderated comments a prolonged, open discussion about armed revolution. It's impossible to believe that the Fox Nation editor, Jesse Watters (the ambush guy) didn't know something like this would come up when he posted the inflammatory article, Rep. King Calls For Revolution In The Streets. Its first sentence is, "Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is calling for a new procedural solution to stop the health care bill: Have an angry mob of citizens storm Washington and prevent Congress from acting, in imitation of the Velvet Revolution that overthrew communist rule in Czechoslovakia!" Yet while one commenter complained about hus comments being blocked (shown in the last screen grab), we found at least 7 in favor of armed revolution. Each were posted more than 24 hours ago - more than enough time for any moderator to consider and remove any material deemed inappropriate. Is this not treason?

Hannity’s Bigoted Pal Says He’s Changing The Name Of The White House To “Big Mama’s House”

Reported by Ellen - Sat 1:24 AM

Sean Hannity welcomed back his bigoted pal, Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, last night (3/19/10). You probably recall that Peterson is the African American who can’t seem to face a Fox News camera without accusing other African Americans of racism. In some of his noteworthy prior appearances, he characterized “most blacks” in Tennessee as racists and, in a later appearance announced, “I think we all agree that Barack Obama was elected mostly by black racists and white guilty people.” Despite such inflammatory, anti-African American rhetoric, Peterson keeps getting invited back. Last night, Peterson topped off a slew of racially-tinged, anti-Obama rhetoric by declaring, "I have changed the White House from being the White House to Big Mama’s House." Kudos to Professor Caroline Heldman for calling him on his racist remark.

Bill O’Reilly Advances Christian Right Attack On Girl Scouts & Planned Parenthood

Reported by Priscilla - Fri 1:07 PM

It’s no secret that the Christian right does not like Planned Parenthood and because they don’t like Planned Parenthood, they aren’t too happy about the Girl Scouts. In 2004, a Girl Scout troop ,in Texas, was attacked by members of the American Taliban (whoops, conservative Christians) because the local groups had given a “woman of distinction award” to a Planned Parenthood executive. Pro-Life Waco was also pissed because the Girl Scout organization had, for years, endorsed a Planned Parenthood sex ed program in which boys and girls were taught about (gasp) homosexuality. A call for a boycott of Girl Scout Cookies was declared. It’s 2010 and the Girls Scouts are, again, in the crossfire of far right Christians who are making a scurrilous and unsubstantiated accusation against the Girl Scouts. So are we surprised that this would be a subject for Bill O’Reilly who, like his religious fellow travelers, isn’t a fan of Planned Parenthood? But in advancing the unsubstantiated smear of Planned Parenthood, he’s also advancing a smear of the Girl Scouts and that’s not very nice!

Fox News Uses Sex To Race Bait

Reported by Ellen - March 11, 2010

If Fox Nation's recent headline, "Study: White People Have Less Sex" wasn't a deliberate attempt to race bait, then why did it allow the blatantly racist comments on its moderated threads? Screen grabs of some of the bigotry that "civil," "tolerant" Fox Nation deems appropraite after the jump. (H/T


Anonymous said...

but by hateing all of these people you are being what you say you hate? As far as my spelling well I am not from this planet originally so it is hard for to get use to it.Yeah I guess pointing out how my spelling is poor futhers you complaints.You use "if 6000 of you human types would jump off a bridge would I"No I would not because my thinking is not of this place.You see?Aren't you the pot calling the kettle black?
If hating as you do changes the outcome I would be for it,but you complain but no changes come about because of it.It seems to me that you enjoy hateing and do not want relief of it or make the changes.
The son of the creator taught be tolerant and love every one even the dull an ignorant have there story but they are merely players on this r d stage of life.
Ya know only if you earthlings would listen to aviators such as Jeasus and Buddah there would not be so much hate here.As for me well my time here is getting short and to be quite frank you you wild wolf the next ones will have to put up with all this hateing found here.I supose if there were no evil we all would not know what is good in the world
I turely try to spread the light with the time that I do put into this place and I will die and move on just like you human types.
"Love, Love Love, Love love love.Love love love. It easy.and the adage "You can't always get what you want but if you try sometime you get what you need.
I love you for what and who you are Mr. Wolfdancer and res pect the right for you to say what is in your heart.So do the same for me .We may differ in our thinking but thats what this world turn
I say kill them all .God will know his own lol

Anonymous said...

White people have less sex? Maybe because the Catholic chruch dose not allow it's members to screw for fun only to make more Cathlics,Oh yeah thee are other than white Catholics

Anonymous said...

Well you saying if I paint myself white I will loose my sex drive.Maybe if I paint myself white I will show'em how to do it.Many already call me a f**king foole. maybe it is time I gt paid for it

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you hate anybody who hates any body.Is that right?I agree about the brain washing look at those who are taught that America is the great satan and spreads evil. And Isreal should be nuked because Isreal sprerads evil in this world.They seem to be bain washed into beleiving it is ok to hate and want to kill Americans and Isrealis.
I am wondering if free thnking is considered brainwashing too?