Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Ipod Touch

I've had my ITouch for a few years and I love it. As of this moment it has 628 songs, 4 Videos and 161 Apps with 1.1 GB left over in it's 16 GB Memory. I have AirStash a Wireless Pocketable Media Server on Pre-order and that will add up to 32 gigs. This little machine is a great portable computer as well as a cool game machine.

Here are some of the Apps and Games I like.

Every ITouch comes with these basic Apps.
Apples Safari Web Browser - I've tried other browsers but so far Safari is the best
An E-mail Program for multi accounts - Google, AOL, Hotmail on mine
Contact List that can be used with e-mail and Apps
Voice Memos - You need earbuds with a mic
Weather - I use The Weather Channels App instead
App Store
Photos - for got to tell yins I have 470 photos

My favorite Apps
Twitter - Twittelator - I've tried most of them but this one is the best for me
WiFi Get Plus - Finds Hot Spots
Bing - The MS search app
Taptu - Another search app
MySpace - Better than the one on my Blackberry but not as good as
Facebook - Great Free App
iGift4u - Add on for FB Lets you update staus, has quotes, jokes, news, Youtube plus more
Live Cams
PA Traffic Cams
Google Earth
Google App - does everything google
Skype - Voice or txt only
Meebo - all txt chat programs in one
Kindle - Yeah I use it a lot to read my Kindle books
Pandora - net radio
Yahoo -everything Yahoo
White House - yeah The Pres. loves the net
NPR News
Call tacker
Those are just a few of the apps I like

Games and other stuff
Flick Fishing
Flick Bowling
Zippo Lighter
Atomic Fart
Ask Ozzy
Family Guy
Star Trek
Sims 3
C64 - Commodore C64 Emulator - waiting for Elite to come out for it
Doodle Jump
6 diff car racing games
Bejeweled 2
4 diff pinball games, I like The Deep
FaceFighter put your own pics and fight them (bush is cool)
NCCA Live - all the games live
LED Football
4 diff snowboard games - Shaun White is best but no 1/2 pipe
Madden NFL 2010
Tiger Woods
3 diff poker games, play the same one I play on FB
3 Tarot, 1 Rune, 1 IChing and 2 horoscope apps
6 music apps Rock Band and Metalica Taptap used the most
2 Bird Watching apps
Plus many more

I am often asked When are you gonna get an IPad. My answer for now Never! Why? Because 1. you never by the 1st version of any high tech gadget. 2. Pissed at Steve Jobs for causing the price of e-books to go up. 3. Waiting for version 4 ( I have V2) of The Touch.

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