Monday, February 8, 2010


When John Murtha Stood Up To Oppose The War In Iraq

On a Personal note: I spent some time with John in Johnstown PA back in the 80s when the steel mills were closing. Arlen Spector and John Murtha were the Only Politicians that tried to do something about it.


Anonymous said...

What did they do aboutit?When there is no money to buy steel the mills had to close cause no one will work for free."Ohlandlord I work at the mill we do not get a pay check any more so rent is not forth coming."
It is a same so many out of work.Is it not only the worker but the whole community that suffers.
Now ther is a philosiphy that says inorder for the new yu must first get rid of the old.

Sometimes I feel that sen. specter and Murtha new they could not do anything but made a good show in all the consernation the closeing have cause.
The closeing s wee not just a Johnstown events but across the nation .
I had a job as a honey dipper me an my brother. I would get a bucket full from the septic tank and hand it up to my brother that way I felt I did not take any shit off of any body.
Yeah no matter what employed not empolyedd the shit still keeps on flowing

Anonymous said...

Yeah things sure have changed since those days Huh? I am one who is gald them days are over.Looking at those times an being in this time who would of thunk all this?Not many with PC in those days.No video cell phones.Makes me wonder what changes will happen in the rest of our lifetimes.Maybe a sex, drug, and rock and roll pill, I hope , I hope,I hope

Anonymous said...

Do you think they knew they could not do anything to stop the closings so why not make themselves look good by making a play for something they knew would not go anywhere in the 1st place?