Friday, August 29, 2008

Ready to Lead?: McCain taps Alaska Gov. Palin as VP

From Crooks and Liars

The choice is problematic for McCain on a number of fronts.

  • Palin is the least qualified and experienced running mate in the history of the office, having served a total of 20 months in office, and none on the national level.
  • Does anyone really want Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency should McCain become unable to serve?
  • Although known as a reformer, Palin is a product of the corrupt Alaskan political machine, and is even under criminal investigation herself for abusing the power of her office.
  • Can she possibly face off against Joe Biden on any issue?
  • She pronounces “nuclear” like George Bush. I knew that the GOP ticket wanted to continue Bush’s policies….but four more years of Bushisms too!?
  • She supports Obama’s energy plan, all but undercutting the one supposed strength she brings to the ticket.

Rahm Emmanuel pretty much sums it up:

“After trying to make experience the issue of this campaign, John McCain celebrated his 72nd birthday by appointing a former small town mayor and brand new Governor as his Vice Presidential nominee. Is this really who the Republican Party wants to be one heartbeat away from the Presidency? Given Sarah Palin’s lack of experience on every front and on nearly every issue, this Vice Presidential pick doesn’t show judgement: it shows political panic.”

Andrew Sullivan says:

(C)ompare McCain’s pick with Obama’s: a man with solid foreign policy experience, six terms in Washington and real relationships with leaders across the globe.

One pick is by a man of judgment; the other is by a man of vanity.

She may be a fine person, but she’s my age, she has zero Washington experience, and no foreign policy expertise whatsoever.

McCain has just told us how seriously he takes the war we are in. Not seriously at all.

MSNBC has a good pro/con rundown.


Anonymous said...

A little biased dontcha think?

How much Washington experience does Barack Hussein Obama have??

Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

A whole hell of a lot more than Sarah Palin thats for sure. When I see people like you that always use Obamas middle name I wonder if they still think he's a Muslim. Barack has 12 years experience in Government. Eight years of serving in his state govt. and 4 years in Washington.

Anonymous said...

Hey now no need ta be sensitive!

Why did he used ta be one??

I have some friends who are of the Muslem faith.

I think of them as a friend not as a religion.

Anonymous said...

Palin gave all citizen of Alaska a $1200 rebate from the oil companies that drill there.She is a worrior when it comes to integrity. She relieved those in the state government who were corrupt even if they were Republican of their seats in the local government.Yeah this would be Mcsame you talk about.I want change but not higher taxes and more Government like Obama will do.
I think I will vote for the one who will illgalize drugs and stop the drug wars.Forty years into this war and still drug dealing are a trillion dollar a year industry in this contry.
Do you think all who comment here could get behind this?
The process will give America what it neeeds in the way of leadership.One thing about this governemnt we change every 4 to 8 years."Yea":))

Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

Obama has never been a Muslim

Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

thats your most important issue? Legalizing drugs? SMH. What about the right wing trying make birth control pills illegal or doing away with Rove vs Wade? Or giving tax breaks to corps that send our jobs overseas. Not to mention stacking the Supreme Court so medical marijuana will never be legal.

Anonymous said...

May I ask Wolf, how do you know for sure that Mr Obama has not ever at one point in time studied the Muslim faith?
Were not his father and his stepfather both practacing the Muslim faith?
Please correct me if I am wrong here.

Anonymous said...

No not drugs but put a trillion dollars into the economy that day thay they are made leagal,And the drug dealers will dry up and blow away.No more crowded emergency rooms when a new shipment would come in .The leagalization of drugs would put it's use in the hands of responsible people .This in only a few things that would change for the better if drugs were allowed administerd by a Dr. or an Rn.
There is a bill in congess now that wpould allow a perso 1000 gram and not be arrested for it .
This is a step in the right direction but it is a baby step
So what I my issue is
1.Put some money I mean serious money into the economy.
2, Stop crime.
3. stop overdoses
4. empty the prisons.
5. make them lowlifin drug dealers take the short end of the stick for once.
6. put 800 milliom + into the hands of farmers that the government is spend else where (South East Asis ,Canada, amd Yugoslavia)
7. make paper without beach
8 Heal peolpe with daeling with things such as anxiety, depression.and medix cal condition too It wil do all these things annd more .And cannabis that is 450 billion dollars a year busines and all one has to do is read his/her bible.The very first page the first chapter 11&12 to know the creator briught it forth .Then read a book on boy tany and then one on herbs with the advent of carbon fiber this stuff will be an asset.
So you see your are aliitle short sited when it comes to this .I suppose it will take a money crunch for congess to look at this with some seriousness.That may be not too far off.
So I hope ypu see it is my country I am look at making country indepenant. safe and not have to put a lot of it's resorces into drug enforcement.The DEa get 20 billion a yaer and they know they ca not stop it. Besudes and ills of these substances we as a nation deal with any way.The DEA could then put its force in to hunting down an eliminating MS-13.
Hey ther Mr Dancer I bet you have huffed a few joints in your day and then you shpuls dno the beneifits of with the side affect of that niffty stuff science has provided us.Even surgar and marjarine are hard for the body to deal with

Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

I will say it again Obama isn't a Muslim, and never was. You can't get sucked in to the spin from Fox news and all the rightwing BS.

Anonymous said...

In The Audacity of Hope, Obama writes that he "was not raised in a religious household." He describes his mother, raised by non-religious parents (whom Obama has specified elsewhere as "non-practicing Methodists and Baptists") to be detached from religion, yet "in many ways the most spiritually awakened person that I have ever known." He describes his Kenyan father as "raised a Muslim,"