Friday, August 15, 2008

The LSD Story: Dragnet

I was very happy when I got a digital TV converter a box few months ago. If you don't have cable or a digital TV your gonna need a box by next February. I can't get cable here at the St. Josephs Home for Wayward Men, so with some help from Ms. C I got my digital box. Seems that St. Joes is listed as a Business and the good old US Government (The FCC) will only give those 40 $ discount coupons to private homes.
The two good things about the box are that I don't have to watch the Steelers on snowy fuzzy channels any more (reception is just like cable) and it adds more channels. I now have three PBS stations, two weather channels and RTN (Retro TV Network). RTN plays old TV shows (even has retro commercials). One of those old shows I like to watch is Dragnet. While surfing the web I found the 1st color Dragnet show. I don't know if it will be on RTN cause they have only shown the B&W ones so far. Isn't funny that the 1st color Dragnet is about LSD?

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