Saturday, August 23, 2008

Asshole of the Week

White House Assault on Birth Control Must Be Stopped

The Bush administration's attempt to change the definition of abortion to include many forms of birth control is its boldest attack yet to limit access and the delivery of crucial information and services.

The repercussions of this initiative will primarily be felt by low-income women and families seeking the healthcare they deserve. If implemented, our statewide network of more than 70, Title X-funded family planning sites may be unable to provide comprehensive information and common contraceptive methods.

We could either be forced to hire employees who will refuse to do their job or risk losing funding because of perceived discriminatory hiring practices.

We could be competing for scarce dollars with entities, such as pregnancy crisis centers, that refuse to provide women with full access. Some pharmacists will not fill certain prescriptions and insurance plans could drop existing equity coverage for contraceptives.

We must ensure that this proposal, which would devastate the nation's network of safety-net providers for low-income women and families, is immediately thwarted.

From The Boston Globe


Anonymous said...

Has this guy who looks like he is just about to blow out some smoke has been called the "Asshole Of the week more that once. What about the guy who has his puppet Vladimere Putin invade a peacefull country like Georgia couldn't he be "Ass Hole "of the week"

Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

I see you've sucked into the spin of who started that war. GWB has been the ASSHOLE of the LAST Eight Years.

Anonymous said...

You mean yu think GW made the Russins invade Georgia.LOL tell me how this was done

Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

Georgia was the invaders. Duh!