Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Rock Dedicated to The DNC

Pinball Wizard at Woodstock - The Who
They should seat Fla and Mich. Delegates or its 2000 all over again


Anonymous said...

Yes they should! I fully agree :) Otherwise it makes a farce of it all.

Anonymous said...


Party rules are strange. Delegates. Super delegates. Primaries or caucuses. When they're allowed to hold them. And then those at the top decide which delegates get seated, based on how well they followed party rules. And then the delegates and super delegates go on to decide who wins the nomination. And they don't even have to vote at that point for the side that voted for them.

What ever happened to

one man (or woman since 8/26/1920) equals one vote ?

Ms C

Anonymous said...

Yes, ms C I was thinking that.
We still have one woman /one man vote here in the UK.
The American system seems pretty complex.
I do feel it is wrong for Obama to be awarded half votes in a state he did not even stand in!