Thursday, September 4, 2008

Eat This Poll, 27% My Ass

This is for the Loser who posted the comment that 27% of Hillary voters would vote for McSame after he put Palin on the Ticket

from The Daily Kos

  • Some 45 percent of Clinton fans thought Palin was not very attractive as a candidate, and 55 percent said they would not be voting for McCain.
  • Only nine percent of Clinton supporters said they thought they would vote Republican because Palin was on the ticket.
  • Asked which ticket understood better the issues and concerns which are important to women, 53 percent opted for the Obama-Biden ticket compared to 35 percent for McCain and Palin.


Anonymous said...

Hey this is getting stupid here.
Just because I read something that YOU disagree with does not make me a loser.
IN fact I am very successful and pay my own way in life.Not existing on Government hand outs does that make me a loser I think not Mr Wolf.

Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

Well goodie goodie for you! Do you even bother to read the links in these posts and back check what blog or newspapers they come from. I guess not

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Art L aka Wolfdancer said...

The above deleted post remarked
"Keep it clean Mr Wolf not personal please."
I am tired of the attacks on this blog and myself. Don't come here if you don't like my posts. There have been many attacks on me, my political views and it seems that a few people think that this is a democratic blog, that they can attack me and want me to make the blog bipartisan. As I have stated many times that is not what blogging is about.