Monday, September 8, 2008

Comments Are Closed

I have close the comment section for a number of reasons.
I have noticed a number of posts that have become increasingly violent.
I have received a numer of death threats.
Some people are questioning my patriotism because I refuse to change my views.

I do not endorse the Love it or Leave it mindset of these people. I didn't accept it in the 60's after I came home from Nam and protested that war. I certainly wont accept it now. Some of the commenter s think they can come here and demand I post good things about McCain. That is not what this blog is about. We need more ways to express the opposing viewpoints now that the McCain Campaign has forced MSNC to retire Olberman and Tweety to do other things for the debates coming up because they thought that they were a little to hard on the republicans during the RNC. It's true people have the right to know both sides of the issues. If you wish to support the other candidates that is your choice, just go to some of those Neo-Con blogs that sing the phrases of McCain. You wont find them here. Here you'll find the truth that dispels their lies. Everything posted here has been FACT CHECKED by more than one source. Let me say this in closing. I have been easy on Palin, a lot easier than some of the other blogs. There is a lot of stuff out there about her and her family that is true that you won't find here. I will only post about the issues. I've watched the Republicans and the Rightwing Media spew their trash; Baby Mama, Obama is a Muslim, Taxes, Questioning Patriotism, Calling Hillary bitch as well as many other sexist remarks not to mention the all the Racism. As I have said many times: Don't come here if you expect this blog to change.

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