Friday, September 26, 2008

The Debate

More maybe later

McCain Pissed ME OFF when he said he has always taken care of the troops. That is an Out and Out Lie, or should I say Lies cause he mentioned it more than once. McCain has a 20% approval rating with the Disabled Vets. He has either voted against or missed important votes for Vets.

Question??? NBC invited Palin to the after debate spin. She Declined. The Republicans sent Guli instead. Joe Biden was there for the Dems. Why are the Republicans Hiding Palin????

BTW. I watched the debate on TV while surfing a few live blogs. Most of the blogs say OBAMA won hands down. MSNBC poll has OBAMA up by 75% atm. George Will on ABC gives a small lead to OBAMA and I fainted, LOL

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