Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Fox News Spins Palins Wardrobe

Yawn! Thats right folks, The RNC spent $150,00 to dress up Palin. I wonder why these idiots on Fox never mentioned all the time they spent talking about Edwards $400 haircut or Clintons Haircut on Airforce 1? The Hockey Moms I know buy their clothes at K-Mart. I know I promised to post only about the Issues of this Election but I couldn't let this sillyness go - wolf

From Daily Kos

On FOX News Channel, they are truly hilarious in their spin on the Palin wardrobe shopping spree, initially spinning that the shopping budget is the reason why she looks so good, and then quickly sputtering themselves into a strange rant on sexism and how TV personalities always get free clothes anyway.

As I said earlier, unless the McCain campaign figures out how to bury this story, nine times out of ten this will be the moment when not just reporters but also Republicans start talking about the McCain-Palin campaign in the past tense.

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