Friday, June 20, 2008

A Summer Solstice Ritual


1. Cleansing

2. Cast Circle

3. Quarter Calls

4. Invoke Lord and Lady/Oldones

5. Symbolic Great Rite

6. Magick

7. Simple Feast

8. Dismiss Quarters

9. Close Circle

Cleansing: Burn incense, spreading the smoke. Sprinkle water

Circle Cast: By My Will, By My Right and By My Word I cast this circle on this Night To Protect from All Negative Energy.

I charge this circle to draw only the most positive energy to help me with my rite.

I cast this circle as a sacred space between the worlds. A place of Perfect Love and

Perfect Trust.

So Mote It Be

Quarter Calls

East/Air: I Call You Hawk in flight and powers of the Air. Welcome to my Rite.

I bid you, Come!

South/Fire: I Call You Dragon of all fiery might. Welcome to my Rite.

I bid you, Come!

West/Water : I call you Silkie, mystic woman of the seas. Welcome to my Rite.

I bid you, Come!

North/Earth : I call you Wolf, of claw and fang. Welcome to my Rite.

I bid you, Come!

Old Ones/ Spirit :I call the Kindred People

The Sidhe, The Fae Ones

with eyes bright as stars and clear laughing voices

Guardians of the Spiral Path

Keepers of the Land

Come for the Bond That is yet Unbroken

Come for the Sake of Kinship

For I remember thee and call to thee still


Invoke the Goddess

(Light the Goddess candle and say)

By the Power of the One,

The Source of All Creation

Danu, Lady of the Moon

Be Here Now

We are Blessed with your Presence

So Mote It Be!

Invoke The God

(Light the God Candle and say)

Horned Warrior of the Sun

Lugh, Lord of Creation

Old One, Guide me in this Rite

Be here now!

Bless this Place, and this Time

So Mote it Be!

Invoke Spirit (Faerie)

(Light the Spirit candle and say)

Ancient Ones, Old Ones

Rulers of the Elemental Realms

You who are with me

Bless this Place and this Time

So Mote It Be

The Symbolic Great Rite

As the God is to the Blade, The Goddess is to the Cup


Write down on a piece of paper what you wish for the world. Peace, healing, etc. and then burn it asking the Lord and Lady to help me heal the earth, country and the peoples of the earth so that I may build a more stable environment for the future of myself and The Children of The World.

Lugh, God of the Standing Stones, Send Dragons to the Wind to tell the universe of my spells and prayers.

By All that is Right:

By All that is Just:

I send thee, Oh Hawks and Wolfs, Guardians of the World out around the world to protect all from harm. I send a White Dove to Heal, Enlighten and Bring Peace to All.

To All that hear me, Know this Well – The Earth is protected by the Powers of Wolfs and Hawks. This is a warning to all who wish to do harm. All that you do that is harmful shall be negated and neutralized and you shall act against Mother Earth no more.


Simple Feast

Blessing of Grain (bread or cookies)

God, We ask you to Bless this Grain

It is of your Body we Partake.

Blessing of Wine ( wine or juice)

Goddess, we ask you to bless this wine

It is of your Blood we Partake.

May You Never hunger.

Pass the wine and say

May You Never Thirst

God, Goddess, Spirit Candles are extinguished one at a time.

Thanking them for attending the circle.

Quarters Released Starting with Spirit (reverse order in which they were called

Remembering to face each direction.


Wolf, we thank you for attending my rite.

Go if you will, stay if you must.

We bid you farewell for now

So mote It be.

Close the circle.

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