Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I feel like I am being put in a box. I feel mildly depressed. I feel very stigmatized as I imagine most of my consumer/ex-patient/survivor friends feel. Words during times like this almost fail me. Why? Because I am a Mental Health, ECT Survivor. I have always been non-violent (except when I served in the army and went to war.) With my background as a childhood abuse survivor I fit the profile of 

these killers, a loner, withdrawn, social misfit (yes that was me.) I however did not take my anger outward, but kept it inside as most of us do that are dealing with those feelings. I have always used my anger in constructive ways. From helping to start Local 1397 Steelworkers food bank, being a founding board member/ past president of the PMHCA, starting Wellspring Drop-in and the Rainbow Kitchen. As well as serving on many local, County and State boards where I spent a lot of time working on Mental Health laws. Because of the talk I see in the media about what can be done about preventing more murders I have become fearful that all the work and changes that C/S/X have brought about in the MH system are all for naught. I am fearful that more people will become over medicated and more people with get ECT. Most of all I fear the loss of the rights we fought for. Today on the Dr. Oz show I heard a shrink say that patients have too many rights and Drs have very little power. That about says it all. Now is the time to take a stand, we can no longer be silent, we have many voices. Lets use them before we lose everything we have fought for!

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