Thursday, July 3, 2008

Is The Government Tracking Your (Cell Phone's) Movements?

By TChris

Our thanks are due to the ACLU and the EFF for their tireless efforts to safeguard our privacy in the age of electronic information. As technology changes, the government finds new ways to circumvent the Fourth Amendment. These organizations do their best to stay on top of the government's intrusion into our electronic lives.

The ACLU made a Freedom of Information Act request (pdf) to the Justice Department seeking information about the government's warrantless tracking of cell phone locations.

The ACLU filed the FOIA request in November following media reports that federal officials were using Americans' cellular phones to pinpoint their locations without a warrant or any court oversight, the groups said. Some government officials at the time said they did not need probable cause to obtain tracking information from mobile phones. In addition, the reports said some federal law enforcement agents had obtained tracking data from wireless carriers without any court oversight.

The Justice Department declined the request. The ACLU and the EFF responded by filing suit (pdf) to compel the disclosure.


Anonymous said...

So how would you have us track suspected terrorists and their accomplices? Or should we just do absolutely nothing until they strike, then play cleanup? Who'd be bitching about that? You would. Unless a liberal Democrat was in office, then it would still somehow be Bush's fault.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security. - Benjamin Franklin

I thought everything was Clinton's fault? Got to love the neo-con train of thought :)